Shipping delays may occur due to global pandemic. Please allow some extra time on top of typical delivery estimations (see details in question 1f below). LittleForBig monitor every shipments closely on daily basis. Please feel free to contact us at for updates. For further assistance, please contact us at Our service team answer customer emails on business daily basis!

New Customer Questions:

1a) Do you offer discreet shipping?

“Yes, all of our packages are sent in discreet packaging, with no indications to the contents of the package. The package will show “pajamas” or “toys” depends on what you purchased. There is only one exception, if your order exceeds $50 with only pacifiers, DHL would force us to label it with pacifiers. So, please do NOT buy over $50 pacifiers only if you concern about discreet shipping. Our products will be packaged in brown cardboard boxes or gray plastic shipping bags. Packaged items can’t be seen without opening the shipping boxes/bags.”

1b) What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal and Credit Card payments. Credit card charges description will show “LFB“.

1c) Where do you ship to?

We ship products worldwide.

1d) Where my parcel ship from?

LittleForBig operate in multiple sales channel and shipping methods. Most of our Amazon orders ship directly from Amazon domestic inventory. On the other hand, orders ship from our US warehouse or from overseas. If shipping from domestic warehouse is preferred, you could visit our Amazon stores. Click HERE to access our Amazon Stores List.

1e) What's the shipping cost/charge?

We feature free shipping with tracking numbers for certain countries. This free shipping service alone would save you up to 60% on purchase compared to other sellers because most of other sellers either charge high shipping fees or do not provide tracking numbers or both. Please take advantage of LittleForBig free traceable shipping.
Note: For UK DHL shipments, buyers will be responsible for import duty fees.

1f) What's the shipping time to my location?

The shipping time vary with the shipping methods and the locations. Below is a list of typical delivery estimation. If you don’t find your location below, please provide detailed shipping address for a delivery estimation. (We are still trying to find a better carrier for Canada). Note: It takes 1-2 business day to process and ship orders. Once the orders are shipped, shipping time start ticking.

Free Worldwide Traceable Shipping Delivery Estimation (Default)

United States 6-8 Days after shipping
United Kingdom 4-8 Days after shipping
Germany 7-11 Days after shipping
Spain 14 Days after shipping
France 7-12 Days after shipping
The Netherlands 7-12 Days after shipping
Italy 11 Days after shipping
Canada 10-15 Days after shipping
Australia 10-15 Days after shipping

Note: 1) For customers who live in the countries not listed above, LittleForBig recommend you take advantage of our “Free Express Shipping for $50+ Orders” deal (please find details below) to avoid potential long shipping time. Group purchases by yourself or with your local little friends. 2) Brazil customers please include your tax ID in your order. And please expect to pay import tax when the package arrive to Brazil. The custom department will notify you to pay for and pick up the package.

Free Express Shipping for $50+ orders

Starting in December 2016, LittleForBig automatically upgrade $50+ orders to free Express Shipping for some countries. This express shipping would cost $20-$30 with other abdl sellers. Please take advantage of this service by grouping purchases by yourself or with your local little friends. Check details HERE.


1) This $50 free express shipping is available for certain countries. Shipment includes diapers would take 5-7 days to deliver.

2) Russian custom department does NOT allow express shipments to any individuals. So all Russian orders would have to ship with LittleForBig regular shipping, which average about 10 days in delivery.

Express Shipping – DHL 4 Days Shipping Delivery Estimation (Optional)

Worldwide 2-4 Days

1g) Which size onesie is right for me?

A size chart is included in the picture gallery of all our onesies. LittleForBig onesies go by four measurements – Chest, Waist, Hips, and Torso Length. Taking all these measurements significantly increase your fitting rates. The “length” (torso length) measurement is the most important to ensure a proper fit, and you can determine yours by measuring from bottom of your neck to your crotch. Please do this process with a diaper on if you intend to wear your onesie with a diaper. If you have an extremely curvy body, you also want to make sure your chest, waist, hips measurements don’t exceed our onesie dimensions by 3 inches. If you still couldn’t pick a size after taking measurements, please send us an email with your measurements to email We are more than happy to assist you in selecting the best fitting size.

Please note that you only need to do this exercise once as all LittleForBig onesie size are the same. You can stick to the same size for future purchases.


More of our onesies share sizes with a few exceptions. But skirts, overalls, corsets, and other clothes may not share the exact sizes. It will help us to pick best fitting size for you if you could let us know which design(s) you want to purchase.

1h) I am between sizes of your onesies, what do I do?

Our onesies are form fitting, so it is advised that you order a size up rather than down.

If any concern about the size issue, please contact us via LittleForBig is more than happy to assist you to pick the best fitting size if you could provide us your measurements- chest, waist, hips, and height.

1i) Do I need to consider the fabric shrinking after washing?

Nope. LittleForBig onesies won’t shrink at all after washing. So, no boiling and no shrinking.

1j) Does LittleForBig take custom orders (custom size onesies, custom three pacifier pack, etc.)?

Sorry, LittleForBig doesn’t have bandwidth to take custom orders because we operate with a very lean support structure to keep sell prices low for customers.

1k) What currency is displayed?

All prices are displayed in US Dollar.

1l) What's your exchange and return policy?

Cancel: Depending on the status of the order, cancellation may incur packaging fees and restocking fees. LittleForBig customer service team answer customer service emails once a day for 2-3 hours. LittleForBig may have to charge fees if the order has already been packaged. And LittleForBigis unable to cancel any orders once they shipped.

Return: LittleForBig accept return onesies provided the onesies are not worn, washed or damaged. Returned onesies must be shipped to LittleForBig US Service Center address. Buyers are responsible for return shipping cost. Restocking fees apply.

Exchange: LittleForBig offer free size exchange to first time customers. Buyers are responsible for return shipping cost to LittleForBig US address. Provided return onesies are not worn, washed or damaged. Once Littleforbig confirm receive your undamaged onesie, LittleForBig would send replacements free of charge. One free size exchange per address. Exchange between different prints are NOT covered by this free exchange policy.

1m) How to apply a Gift Card?

You shall have received an email with the gift card number and a “Redeem” button. Two ways to use a gift card. Click HERE for screenshot instructions. Click HERE to check balance on a Gift Card.

Option 1. Click on the “Redeem” button, it will take you to and show that the gift card has been applied. Now, add products to your shopping cart. Then go to check out page, our system will automatically apply the gift card to your balance due.

Option 2. Copy the gift card number. Then go to check out page, paste the gift card number in the “Gift Card Number” blank and click “Apply Gift Card”.

1n) How will the order show up on credit card statement?

It will show up as “LFB” on your credit card statement.

Existing Order Questions:

2a) How do I know my order was successfully placed? What is next after I place an order?

Please add “” to your email whitelist to ensure receiving communication emails. Please google “set email white list” for details.
You could expect an order confirmation email which shows order completed right after the order is placed. The email contains your order number, order item description(s), item quantity(s), and shipping information.
Check your email spam box if you didn’t receive this email. 
Please double check all the order information. In case wrong information was entered, please contact us at ASAP.

2b) How do I track my order?

Please add to your email whitelist to ensure receiving communication emails. Please google “set email white list” for details.
Two business days after your order, you shall expect a shipping confirmation email from us. The email contains shipping information and tracking instructions. Carefully read the email and follow the instructions to track your order. If you didn’t receive any shipping confirmation email, please double check your email spam box. 
In case of nothing found, please contact LittleForBig at with your order number and a brief description. LittleForBig customer service team answer customer emails on business daily basis.

2c) My tracking shows “Processed Through Facility, Origin Post is Preparing Shipment”, and it has been days since last update, what does that mean?

That means your package has left our oversea warehouse and is in transit to the destination country. Once it arrives to the destination country, the tracking record will start updating again. You will have a couple days to get ready for the package.

2d) My tracking shows Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item, what does that mean?

That means your package has left our overseas inventory and is in transit to United States. Here is how the shipping works. LittleForBig carrier ship the package from overseas and send information to USPS for the US domestic shipping. USPS wait for the package to arrive to the US and then take over. After that, USPS will update the US domestic shipping progress on their website. In your case, the package has left our inventory and is in transition to the US. That’s why USPS awaiting item. Updates shall come in a couple days.

After Delivery Questions:

3a) How do I appropriately wash and dry my onesie to make sure they last a long time?

In the item packaging, there shall be a washing instruction inside the package or on the onesie. Please turn it inside out to look for the instruction.
LittleForBig onesies are made of natural cotton fabrics. We recommend the following washing instructions to take good care of the onesies.
1. Recommend cool water hand wash with mild detergent. At the minimum, warm water wash with washer.
2. Recommend hang-to-dry. At the minimum, cool air dry with dryer.

3b) What is the best way to contact LittleForBig?

If you ever have any question or suggestion, please feel free to send us an email at

Custom Design Questions:

4a)How do I design my clothes on

Click Here for a tutorial video. Please email us at any further questions.
Click Here for the Custom Design Page.

4b)What shall I check before finalizing a custom design order?

Please check the following common overlooked mistakes.
(1) Did you pick the correct size? If you don’t know your LittleForBig cloth size, please email us first at
(2) Is your design cut off by the printing area bountry?
(3) Did you upload png format pictures so the design is transparent?

4c)Some pictures did not load on the cliparts section

Please refresh the design page. If the issue remains, please email us at with a few screenshots as well as your device & system information, such as PC/cell phone/tablet, internet browser name and version.

4d) What printing method does LittleForBig use?

LittleForBig use the latest Brother GTX Direct-to-Garment printer.

4e)If I upload my own artwork, is it considered the property of Little For Big after that.

LittleForBig will NEVER use or sell customer uploads without their permission.

4f) How long does it take for a custom design order to ship?

Assuming there is no issue (payment, address, design, etc), it typically takes 2-3 business days to ship. For any issues, LittleForBig would email you. In that case, orders could be delayed until the issues are resolved.

4g)Custom Design Onesie return and exchange policy

No return or exchange is allowed once the custom design order is shipped. If the custom design order is printed but not shipped, LittleForBig would offer reprinting for a fee of USD $15.00 for size change.

4h)Custom Design Clothes Size

LittleForBig custom design clothes share the same size chart with LittleForBig clothes of the same style.