1. LittleForBig offer original designs and best product quality at affordable prices.
    We only sell original design onesies. We work with ABDL designers to come up with designs. We get involved in every processes to control quality – making our own fabrics with cute baby prints and in perfect scale for adults, dedicating factories for quality consistency, conducting quality control test to maintain product quality. LittleForBig product prices are extremely competitive.
  2. LittleForBig feature free worldwide traceable shipping. 
    Regular free traceable shipping service alone would save you up to 60% on purchase compared to competitions because most of other sellers either charge high shipping fees or do not provide tracking numbers. Think about your experiences when your package was lost or delayed. Would you want a free tracking for peace of mind? Or would you pay $20 for traceable shipping for a $25 onesie?
  3. All $50+ orders are automatically upgrade to Express Shipping for free.
    Starting in December 2016, LittleForBig automatically upgrade $50+ orders to free Express Shipping for some countries
    . This DHL 4 days express shipping would cost $30 with competitions. Please take advantage of this service by grouping purchases by yourself or with your local little friends. Check details HERE.
  4. US based customer service. 
    Easy to work with. Service hours cover America and Europe day time. Respond to emails/requests at least once a day.